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We understand that credit unions manage risk unlike other businesses.

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As a full-service accounting and consulting firm, we have the breadth of expertise that helps credit unions of all sizes get to the next level.  Facing heightened regulatory scrutiny and continual changes in compliance obligations, credit unions must strive to find a balance between running a prosperous business, managing risks, remaining compliant and maintaining member loyalty. 

MSPC’s deep industry knowledge means our team has advanced training and certifications, stays actively involved in credit union associations and keeps up with regulations, risks and trends affecting the industry.

With offices in New York, New Jersey and connections around the globe, we support credit unions in all stages of their life cycle.

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Credit Union Services:

Audits and Review

Agreed-Upon Procedures - NCUA Requirements

Internal Audit Outsourcing

Consulting and Specialty Services

Policy and Procedure Planning


Compliance Services

Accounting Software

Risk and Fraud Assessments

Allowance for Loan Loss Assessments

CECL Implementation Consulting

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

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