Outsourced Accounting Department

Running a business means different things to different people. Often, business owners don’t want to worry about accounting functions and would rather concentrate on doing what they do well. This is where we come in.

We are ready to assist you

Our outsourced accounting department can take care of everything from bookkeeping to tax filings.  As your back office resource, we can help guide you and help you make sound financial decisions as you grow. If you simply need help with bookkeeping or getting set-up and trained on a software package such as QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics GP or Zoho, we can help with that too.

Bookkeeping Services Include:

  • ‌Manage Client Billing
  • Accounts Payables Management (Recording Expenses and Bill Pay)
  • Recording Payroll Transactions
  • Cash, Credit Card, Investments Reconciliations
  • Monthly Journal Entries
  • Produce Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Financial Reports
  • Calculate, Prepare and File Sales Tax Returns
  • Prepare and File Annual 1099 Forms
  • Prepare quarterly and Annual Payroll Reports (941, W2’s,..)

Additional Services:

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For more information on how we support the administrative accounting needs of business, contact Ray Hargadon.

Ready to Save Money by Outsourcing Your Accounting Department?