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Our experience in the Shipping and Maritime industry runs as deep as the waters that our clients sail in. We have served as either the lead auditor, component auditor, or a consultant on audits of major ship-owning groups including family-owned fleets and publicly traded entities. We also audit brokers, agents and service providers to the maritime industry. Beyond audit and financial reporting work, we provide consulting services, including outsourced Sarbanes-Oxley compliance services, and US tax compliance services (both tonnage tax returns and income tax returns).

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For more information on our Shipping and Maritime Services contact Michael Halkias.

International Association

Through our association with Moore Stephens International Limited, our projects range from large multinational corporations to single vessel owners, and include not only ship owners but ports, brokers, ship managers,port agents and logistics operators and shipping funds. Through Moore Stephens, we have one of the largest practices dedicated to Shipping and Maritime in the world and can provide services to the industry just about anywhere on the globe.

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