Marist High School Honors MSPC Managing Principal James J. Flannery, CPA

Accountant Receives 2018 St. Marcellin Champagnat Service Award

On June 12, 2018 James J. Flannery, CPA was recognized for his contributions to Marist High School to its mission of creating a community of lifelong, faith-filled learners who are prepared to take their places as enlightened, educated members of a complex, diverse society.

Flannery believes the public education system has failed, specifically in urban areas, where it is needed most.  Education is empowerment and Marist provides a safe, wholesome education giving its students the opportunity for success on their next step.

Flannery first became involved with Marist when Marist Alumnus, Charles Trapp referred MSPC to provide accounting services to the school.  Working with them as a client he saw the dedication of the brothers, staff and more importantly the excitement of the students in the halls.

“It was just natural to try to support them in any way we could.” Flannery notes. “The kids I have met are excited about education and are involved in activities at the school.  It’s their community and most important they are confident in their path to becoming responsible adults.”

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the MSPC culture and supporting organizations like Maritz High School is just one of the many ways the firm gives back to the community.  

About Marist High School

Inspired by Saint Marcellin Champagnat, Marist High School stands in the Marist Brothers of the Schools’ tradition of Catholic education: a tradition whose highest values are the sacred integrity of the individual and his/her Christian responsibility to his/her society; a tradition whose ultimate aim is to make Jesus known and loved among the students.

This mission is carried out by a dedicated faculty and staff. Marist High School strives to create a community of lifelong, Christian learners who are prepared to take their places as open-minded, generous, educated members of a complex, diverse society.

Building a caring and affirming community means that we recognize and appreciate the abilities and talents of both the faculty and the student body. Self-esteem and a positive attitude toward education are fostered through competent instruction which recognizes and works effectively with a wide range of academic abilities, tempered discipline, and prudent counseling. Learn more at