MSPC Smoothly and Quickly Transitions the Diocese of Paterson to Microsoft Dynamics GP


Several years ago, the Diocese of Paterson (DOP), located in Clifton, NJ was looking to replace AS400, an older DOS-based accounting system with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Their main objective for needing a more sophisticated program was to streamline monthly billings for multiple revenue sources.  The Diocese of Paterson purchased the software from another partner located out of state in hopes they would educate their organization on an individual basis and integrate the older system into GP.  Over time, they found themselves dissatisfied with their vendor’s performance due to the company’s location, lack of assistance with training employees and failure to complete to the integration from AS400 to GP.


MSPC initially visited the Diocese of Paterson and met with the Finance Committee to demonstrate their experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP.  After the initial visit, MSPC maintained a relationship with the Diocese of Paterson.  When the DOP became discontented with the service of the out-of state partner, they asked MSPC for assistance. MSPC took over the project and the DOP quickly transitioned from AS400 to Microsoft Dynamics GP, efficiently importing the previous system’s information into the new accounting software program. As part of the transition to Microsoft Dynamics GP from AS400, MPSC:

  • Properly configured of the system and individual modules.
  • Imported date from AS400 and several other third-party systems.
  • Created extensive operating and management financial reports including department P&L’s and consolidated financial statements (DOP has different entities running GP).
  • Trained of all internal staff across all departments who used the system including an internal liaison.
  • Maintained an open and personable relationship with the Diocese of Paterson staff to ensure a smooth transition.


The Diocese of Paterson is satisfied with the overall transition to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  At this time they are happy with the system and have no intentions of changing their system at this time.  The management team is confident that their employees are well trained in their accounting system and can operate without worry.

What Diocese of Paterson Says About MSPC?

“MSPC remained easy going and personable.  Everyone in our organization was pleased.  The MSPC staff is always there when you need them.  Whenever we had any issues with the GP system, they were able to fix the problem immediately.  I recommend MSPC for Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation and ongoing support.”

Download the PDF of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Case Study