Women in Business – Michelle Dominguez

Interview conducted by Ana Gambetta.

Michelle is a tax supervisor at MSPC. Michelle defines success as a way of life, and to her, her friend Laura embodies that success. Laura is someone who didn’t go to college, yet had a wonderful career as an insurance company manager, has a beautiful family, a beautiful home, and truly has the work-life balance we all crave.

Although very knowledgeable in her field, if Michelle could do anything else in the world, she’d probably be a home decorator or take any other type of entrepreneurial adventure. She finds public speaking to be terrifying but is a wonderful teacher when it comes to her work. Michelle made a major choice in college which landed her in the field she is in today, it was more of a need basis rather than a choice as she was a junior in college & major was still undecided, however, if she could tell her college self-anything, it would be to choose a new field. She loves coffee and is a dog person, and relates a lot to Monica Geller from Friends.

Keep reading to find more interesting things about Michelle!

  1. What is the most positive experience in your current career? Relevant information appreciates being important.
  2. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Cool minds prevail.
  3. What is your happy place? Park
  4. Who is your favorite female author, artist, chef..etc.? Sandra Bullock, Betty White and Rachel Ray.
  5. What is your favorite country, favorite city, & the last place you visited? Switzerland, Nashville, Aruba.
  6. What is the most significant career accomplishment you are most proud of? Balance of life & work.
  7. If you were to look at yourself 5-10 years ago, would you have envisioned your career to be what it is today? Yes working part-time, enjoying life, continue working.
  8.  What are the most necessary skills needed to be developed to succeed in this male-oriented industry? Knowledge, confidence, respect & professionalism.
  9. What is the most important leadership lesson you have ever learned? Respect & patience.
  10. What is something someone would be surprised to learn about you? I once had a beer with Andy Garcia in the Bahamas.
  11. Whose shoes would you like to spend a day in? Beyonce.
  12. If left alone on an island, what are three things you would absolutely NEED? People, music & carbs.
  13. If you could make dinner for anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? & why? My Grandfather. He was interesting and funny land I would love to meet him as an adult vs. knowing him as a kid.
  14. What is one piece of advice you would want to share with other women? Be yourself.
  15. If you could back and do it all again, would you? Yes, overall happy with the way things turned out.